Do you work long hours?

Don't have the energy to walk your dog every day?

Is your dog destroying your house while you are gone?

Dog Walking available Monday -Friday 10am-4pm
Our walk are approximately 1- 1 ½ miles



While puppies are still being potty trained they cannot hold it for more than a few hours at a time. Our Mid-Day visits can help maintain a potty schedule and reinforce good behavior. Puppies also have different dietary needs than adults and may need an extra meal.


If your adult dog is not suited for time at our daycare we can still provide Mid-Day exercise. Walks for adult dogs are not strolls or potty breaks, they are active walks that will help burn energy. We will also spend time playing with you dog and can even feed them lunch.


Elderly dogs tend to need more potty breaks throughout the day and just like puppies they have a hard time holding it until you get home. These dogs may also require medication and our walks will greatly benefit their aging joints.

Daily Dog Walking

$22.50 for a 30-45 minute visit within 5 miles of our facility

Potty Visits

$15.00 for a 20 minute visit within 5 miles of our facility

Cat Visits

$15.00 for a 15-30 minute visit within 5 miles of our facility

$1.50 per mile over 5 miles

Inclement Weather

Winter Conditions

For safety reasons we will not walk dogs on ice, a potty break and indoor playtime will be substituted on these days. On days that you will be home because of the weather, or if we are unable to provide service due to the weather we will credit your walk on the following billing cycle.

Summer Conditions

For the health and safety of the animals we walk, we will not walk in extreme heat conditions when the heat index is over 95 degrees. We will not walk during a thunder-storm due to the unpredictability of lightning. A potty break and playtime will be substituted on these days.